HaiSea Marine

Vessel Naming Contest

Thank you for entering!

Submissions for the vessel names will be evaluated and voted on by our selection committee consisting of Community Leaders, Project Stakeholders, and LNG Canada.

The contest opens on November 15, 2021 and will close on December 13, 2021.
Winners will be announced January 8, 2022.

Winners will be notified via the contact details given in their submission.

About the vessels

Electra class tug, quarter bow view

The three ElectRA 2800 harbour tugs that will operate in tandem at LNG Canada’s new export facility will be first-of-class battery electric tugs, designed to perform their regular ship-berthing and unberthing missions using battery electric power. The ElectRA 2800 harbour tugs will be 28 metres length, with approximately 70 tonnes bollard pull and approximately 5240 kWh of battery capacity.

Rastar class tug, quarter bow view

The two RAstar 4000-DF escort tugs will measure 40 metres in length, and with 100 tonnes of bollard pull will be the west coast of Canada’s most powerful escort tugs – and among the world’s most high-performance escort tugs – with the ability to generate indirect forces in escort of approximately 200 tonnes. In addition, the escort tugs will feature an exhaust after-treatment system in full compliance with IMO Tier III emissions standards, the most stringent emissions standards for the international marine industry.